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by Guest_PrincesofPunk Date Added: Sunday 15 February, 2009
This is the Punk Studded Collar by Mystery. It have 4 rows of silver studs and a black strip behind them. This is a wonderful accessory! It goes with many other clothing items, it's really not hard to find something to wear with this awesome collar. I, personallly, love the studs on this collar. They're silver and look shiney but they donn't have light reflecting and giving you all these stupid little shine marks. I love that about this. Another thing I love is it's simplicity! It's not all tricked out and doesn't demand attention so it really doesn't take any eye veiw from your outfit, only adds emphasis to the parts of the outfit you want scene. The black and silver colors make it really adaptable to any outfit any time (Also to any other studded accessories- by Mystery or not ^__^) Well, in conclusion, this is a wonderful product and I would reccomend it to anyone who's think about buying a collar, anything with studs, or anything all around!

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m.. Punk Studded Collar