Darktrack 864 credits
by vyllain Date Added: Friday 19 October, 2007
Oh, the sexy goodness!^^ If you've seen my review of the Military Glowcycle Bundle, you'll know how I imagined the darker GlowTrack, and what I *thought* I wanted... What APHOX has created, in her genius, by appreciating her customer's feedback, but having her own vision, is one of the most elegant, liquidsexy environments you could ever have a chat in. It's really something special. This new vision for the Glowcycles has a sophisticated cool factor that makes it much more than "fun." It is truly one of the most stylish environments available. I highly recommend streaming appropriate music in the background when you use this. Just have your friend go to the same internet radiostream. Or, for the easiest and most appropriate mix, just go to AphoxemaJee's homepage in your browser window.^^ Her soundtrack suits this scene sublimely. There are not enough jalapenos for this!^^

Rating: 5 of 5 Flaming Jalapenos! [5 of 5 Flaming Jalapenos!]
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